What types of shanks (cheek pieces) are there ? PDF Print E-mail

Aluminum Long Shank (cheek piece) - These apply more pressure, through the bit, on the horse.  A longer shank is recommended for an older horse.  Obviously, you can apply more pressure with longer shanks, and more pressure.  The older horse is probably more trained than the younger horse and the pressure won't be needed. 5 1/2" leverage.

Stainless Steel Shank (cheek piece) - As above, but made out of Stainless Steel.  A little heaver, a little more pressure.  Made oot of premium steel and will last a lifetime of use. 5 1/2" leverage.

Long Shank - 46

Short Shank (cheek piece) - Perfect for the younger horse in training.  Allows a strong hand without extreme pressure on the mouth of the horse.

Short Shank - 46-SS 

Engraved Shanks - Our model 46-E is hand engraved on the Aluminum shanks.  Pimp out your steed. Show off your bit and make a fashion statement.

Engraved Shanks - 46-E

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